Friday, April 19, 2013

Apps we tried out this week....


This versatile app can be used in any type of student activity from academic classes to club surveys to advisory activities to elections. Teachers download the instructor version, choose a password and in minutes can begin creating quizzes of their own or look through quizzes that other teachers have shared. Assessments can be in multiple choice, true/false or short answer format. Students download and open the Student Clicker edition and wait for the teacher to begin the activity.

Activities can be teacher or student paced and instant feedback on student progress is displayed on the teacher iPad. Another nice feature is at the conclusion of the activity, a spreadsheet of the responses is emailed to the teacher. In the case of multiple choice and true/false, the spreadsheet will contain the grade each student received.

Multiple teachers tried it out in class this week all with great results. Our math and science teachers used it to send a quiz to students both in multiple choice and short answer form. One of the science teachers remarked that she will be using it often at the beginning of class to give a short, five question survey to see how well the students understand the previous day's material. Based on the feedback she receives, she will know whether she should go over it one more time or if the students are ready to move on. This type of assessment can also be done at the end of class.

Since we are just beginning to use this terrific free app, I'm sure our faculty will find even more ways to use it. More info in future posts...

UPDATED: Socrative has added new features: you can now insert images into your quiz and have text entry quizzes graded. Click the link below and answer the few questions to unlock these new features:

Socrative New Features

Name Selector

This free app is great fun to use when students in class need to be picked for errands or divided into groups for projects. Names are entered into the app and when the button is pushed, a random name appears. Some classes may have a weekly task of bringing the class box of paper to the school recycling bin or erasing and cleaning the boards. Using this app to randomly select students adds a level of entertainment and gets kids that may not have volunteered on their own to participate.

Names do repeat on occasion; however, you can remove a student from the pool of names by opening the class list and setting the slide box much like you do in the iPad Settings to turn services on and off. This is idea if a student is absent or has already done the task.


LoterĂ­a is a traditional Mexican board game similar to BINGO, but instead of numbers, different articles pertaining to Mexican culture appear on cards, for example: el cactus, la chihuahua. If the card called matches one on your board, you cover it with a bean. This app simulates the card game which is fun in and of itself, but it also speaks the word aloud, and students can repeat it. This provides a dual experience in which students are both reading and recognizing authentic vocabulary and listening and speaking.