Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seven Fun iPad Activities We Did

Here are a few activities that our classes have done with iPads this year during our Grade 6 Pilot:

1 - French students were assigned to record themselves reporting the weather in French.

2 - Students studying onion skins under the microscope were able to take pictures through the viewfinder lens with their iPad cameras. Below are a couple of the images:

3 - For extra credit, a bunch of students created animations of cell division using the app Animation Desk. 

4 - Math, Science and Language all gave quizzes to their classes using Socrative.

5 - Students in English class broke into groups of four and each group collaborated in Google Docs to write a letter to the protagonist of a book they were reading.

6 - Our drama teacher send the script of a short play she wrote to her 6th grade classes. They opened it in iBooks and were able to highlight their lines and rehearse anywhere without losing a paper script.

7 - History students went on a museum trip and listened to a podcast that was recorded by their teacher. As they walked the museum, they chose the appropriate sound file to listen to. They also opened up a Google Form that their teacher created and were able to check off various features of each exhibit they saw.